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Y6 Victorian School Day

As part of our topic on Victorian children Y6 have been learning about life for children in Victorian schools. On Monday 30th March we held a Victorian school day. The class followed a Victorian curriculum and the children were expected to dress, work, play and behave as pupils in Victorian times. 
Picture 1 The children sat in rows.
Picture 2 The teachers were very strict.
Picture 3 Work in silence
Picture 4
Picture 5 Playing with hoops and skipping ropes
Picture 6 Playing with hoops and skipping ropes
Picture 7
Picture 8 Mistress Maloney instructs girls in needle work
Picture 9 Girls practice needle craft
Picture 10
Picture 11 Children need to be fit to work in the mill
Picture 12 Drill keeps the children fit
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15 Children had to wait until told they could sit.
Picture 16 He failed to answer correctly
Picture 17 A school inspector calls
Picture 18
Picture 19 The day begins. Line up in silence!