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Welfare and Care

Each class teacher is responsible to the Headteacher for the welfare of all the children in his/her class. It is the school policy for the Headteacher and teachers to be readily available to parents throughout the school year as well as on the more formal parent's evenings. It is helpful if an appointment is made, except in an emergency.


The school is in contact as necessary with other agencies concerned with the children's welfare and co-operates closely if the need arises with Educational Welfare Officers, Social Workers and the School's Psychological and Medical Services.


As it is essential that we can contact parents in the case of illness, we ask that parents inform us of, not only their home number, but also work numbers and the name and number of a person whom we can contact in the event of parents being unobtainable. If at anytime you are anxious about your child at school for any reason at all please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Assessment and Recording


Children's work is regularly assessed by teachers and they maintain records of children's progress which are passed on each year to the next teacher.

Children are assessed in nationally organised Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) at the end of Year 2 and at the end of Year 6. The achievements in these tests are to be reported to parents of children taking them at the end of the school year.