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Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass

All schools in Sefton participate in a project, called Operation

Encompass, which is run in partnership with Merseyside Police.

The project, which commenced on 6th October 2014, aims to

support children who are affected by domestic abuse.


Following a domestic abuse incident attended by Merseyside

Police, at which children from our school were present,

Merseyside Police will notify us early the next morning and prior

to the start of the school day. This enables us to offer support

or whatever is needed to any child arriving at school.

Each school has a member of staff (key adult) who is trained to

liaise with the police, when required, whilst ensuring support is

available to the child. The adults in our school is Mr. Thomas.


We are committed to providing the best possible care and

support for all our pupils.


In the meantime, if you would like to speak to someone further

about the project or require further information, please do not

hesitate to contact Mr. Thomas via the school