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MUFTI DAY for Mothers Day presents 2015

MUFTI DAY for Mothers Day presents 2015

 We will be holding a mufti day on Friday 6th March 2015.
The children can come to school in their own clothes in exchange for a suitable ladies gift. 
If you do not have a suitable gift we can accept a £1.50 donation on that day.
Any money collected on that day will be used to purchase extra gifts to cover the shortfall.

On your child’s allocated wrapping day either
Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th March
they will need to bring in £1.50 to purchase a gift.
They can then choose a present from the donated gifts and pay their money. They will then wrap it up and take it home.
If your child forgets to bring their money in on the day we will send home a reminder letter. Your child can then bring the present home when they have paid their £1.50.

We hope this explains our very popular Mothers Day present event however if you need any further information please do not hesitate to ask us.
Thank you for your continued support