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Interested in becoming a governor?

Interested in becoming a governor?


What sort of people are you looking for?

When appointing governors, the governing body must be mindful of the skills and experience of governors and seek to compose a governing body which possesses all the competencies required for effective governance.


At Shoreside we look for knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas:


  • Experience of working in education with an informed perspective of current trends in educational practice and policy.
  • Working with children in a professional setting, being aware of legal, developmental and emotional considerations of that situation.
  • Financial skills, possessing the ability to understand and challenge financial information presented in formal documents, cost accounting, management accounting and budgeting.
  • Knowledge and experience of management of organisations with particular regard to quality management, improvement and organisational development.
  • Experience of management in organisations which operate under a heavy duty of compliance.
  • A commitment to innovation and creative solutions and experience of the management of change.


We would not expect every governor to fulfil all of these criteria but believe that collectively we should.


In terms of personal qualities, all governors should have good communication skills, be confident in questioning and challenging those in authority and be willing to actively engage with parents, staff, pupils, LA officials and Government appointed officers.


They should be able to work collectively with tact and discretion and respect the confidential nature of some discussions to which they will be a party.


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