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"The Shoreside Way"

The Shoreside Way


Mission Statement


“Working Together to Achieve High Standards”



What are our values and beliefs?


Committed to Treating Children as Individuals

We recognise that all children are unique and bring a wealth of talents and abilities to our school community. We seek to celebrate these and to encourage all pupils to develop these further as well as to discover new talents and interests through the wide-range of activities that we offer. We also recognise that all children have specific needs and seek to meet these through our well-established pastoral and academic structures.


Committed to High Academic Standards

We know that all children want to learn and are happiest when challenged to achieve their very best. Our professional and well-trained staff design stimulating and interesting activities and learning experiences which challenge all according to their talents, abilities and needs.


Committed to Providing a Broad and Balanced Curriculum

We believe that children need to enjoy success across a range of subjects and so - whilst promoting reading, writing and mathematics across the curriculum – ensure that our children enjoy a wealth of experiences across and beyond the school curriculum.


Committed to Promoting Creativity

Our pupils enjoy participating in a wide-range of creative activities including the performing arts, music and dance. This expertise and commitment has been a feature of our school for many years.


Committed to Sporting Excellence

Through physical activity, both within the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities, our children learn about fitness, teamwork, self-discipline, competition and personal challenge. In all of the sporting opportunities presented, the key aims are that our children find enjoyment and develop their self-confidence.


Committed to Developing Happy, Mature, Considerate and Responsible Citizens At The Heart of our Local Community

Happy children are children who enjoy behaving well and have respect for themselves and others. Through the curriculum, in taking on responsibilities appropriate of their age, by taking part in community events and by participating in structured programmes our children develop the skills necessary for happiness and success in the wider world.


Committed to Developing, Respecting and Enjoying Our Local Environment

We enjoy a unique environment with extensive grounds and easy access to the beach, local woodland and transport links to the wider community. We seek to encourage respect for the environment as well as recognising outdoor education as a powerful tool for promoting children’s learning.


Committed to Equality of Opportunity and Inclusivity

As part of our commitment to respecting children as individuals, we aim to ensure that all children reach their full potential regardless of ability, gender, race, nationality, faith and sexual orientation.


Committed to Safeguarding

Well-trained staff provide a safe environment and climate for learning which promotes well-being, dignity and the rights of all pupils. We will always act in the interests of the child.


Some examples of how we promote and live our values and beliefs:


Statement of aims and objectives:-


We aim to develop children as individuals according to their talents, abilities and needs.

  • Rigorous planning, assessing and tracking of individual pupils by staff.
  • Celebrating achievement through participation in Sefton’s Children’s University.
  • Extra-curricular activities in sports, the arts, languages and science.
  • Performing arts activities such as regular dramatic performances and our school orchestra.
  • A creative, theme-led curriculum which also responses and respects subject boundaries.
  • Regular sporting success.


We aim to provide a happy, stimulating environment within which individuals can attain the highest level of academic and creative work.

  • Stimulating early years environment.
  • Participation in the Beach and Bucket School initiatives in partnership with Edge Hill University – learning outside the classroom.
  • Emphasis on questioning, investigation and challenge across the curriculum.
  • Child participation in decisions about the development of our school environment.
  • A unique natural habitat used as the basis for work across the curriculum.




We aim to help each child to become a balanced, happy and socially competent person with a considerate and responsible attitude towards others in school and the wider community.

  • Active participation in local events such as the Ainsdale Show and Schools’ Advent Service.
  • Close links with local organisations such as Ainsdale Community Care – Joint Activities, including many between the generations.
  • School-based programmes such as Playleaders and Prefects.
  • An active School Council and Eco Group.
  • Successful participation in local and national competitions – for example “The Big Pedal” (Consistent North West of England regional winners).
  • Strong links with local schools and other partners such as Edge Hill University and Southport College.
  • School –based projects that inspire and educate – for example our Y6 Enterprise Project.